Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bottle Slumping Preparation

- mat
- rolling pin
- knife
- fork
-  water pot

- clay - plastic consistency

- cover the bottle in paper towels and secure with masking tape
- get a piece of clay and flatten it with your hand
- wrap it around the bottle to check its the right size, then take it off again
- keep turning it over so the thickness is evenly spread 
- trim the edge to give a neat finish 
- make to long sausage shapes with the spare clay that you trimmed off the hold the glass bottle in place                                                     
- cross hatch 4 area's on the clay slab a bit like this |: :|
- make 4 small balls and crosshatch the bottom of them as well
- get a little water on the fork and stick the 4 balls to the clay 
- leave the mould to go bone dry

It will be holding the bottle in the kiln at 1100'C


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